Tobi’s Teaspoon

Hi!! So, i finally started a blog…I know it’s been a long time coming but I had to weigh it a lot in my mind because I hardly ever read blogs and I somehow projected that personal flaw onto others. That being said, now that you have visited for the first time, I hope you come back (and keep coming back)!!

Now, I’m sure you’re pondering the name.. why Tobi’s teaspoon? Quick question: have you ever read something so profound and relatable that you close the book(or lock your phone) and stare at the wall for a bit?  Well, that was how I felt when I came across a post on Pinterest where a Tumblr user (emeraldincandescent) described writing as (I paraphrase) having this huge lake in your head; you want to get it out so other people can go swimming or jet skiing and have fun but all you have is a teaspoon! And you’re just there flinging out lake water with your teaspoon and promising people: “You guys! this lake will be so awesome when it’s done.” but it will never be done; there’s so much lake. So, guys this is my proverbial teaspoon; my attempt at sharing the giant lake of stories, characters and places in my head. I hope you keep coming back to swim!

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